5L Mini-Cask JPA 3
5L Mini-Cask JPA 3

5L Mini-Cask JPA 3

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Our mini-casks contain almost 9 pints of live beer and will pour like draught beer from you favourite pub, all in the comfort of your own home!

JPA 3 | 4.0% | 5L

It's that time of year again. Everyone's favourite limited-edition beer is here. That's right, it's JPA time. This is the third instalment of the JPA series, and it is living up to the name. A cracking 4.0% pale charged with Emperor and Boadicea hops. Unfined and Vegan. Punchy, crisp, and delicate. Another Cellar Head CLASSIC. 

Malts:  Maris Otter, Oats, Brown
Hops:  Emperor, Boadicea
Unopened, these keep for up to 4 months. Once opened, if kept cool and sealed in between servings, they last for up to 10 days... if you don't drink it sooner of course!
WE RECOMMEND YOU LEAVE THE KEG TO SETTLE SOMEWHERE COLD FOR AT LEAST FOUR HOURS BEFORE OPENING. Because these mini-kegs contain live beer, they may have some excess carbonation built up, especially if the keg had been jostled around (think shaken-up can of cola). To remove the excess carbonation – open the air release on the top of the keg BEFORE you try to tap the beer, otherwise you’ll be drinking a (delicious) glass of foam. A small amount of beer foam may escape the mini-keg through the air-release, this isn’t something to worry about, there’s plenty of beer inside. With the keg safely vented (when the hissing subsides), rotate the tap until it’s horizontal- it’s the bit on the front that looks like a tap. Then, pull the tap out until it stops. Getting closer! Now you’re ready to pour! Get your glass ready under the tape and press the red button on the front of the tap to free the beer!


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