5L Mini-Cask Summer Pale

5L Mini-Cask Summer Pale

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Our mini-casks contain almost 9 pints of live beer and will pour like draught beer from you favourite pub, all in the comfort of your own home!

Summer Pale | 4.0% | 5L

The second entry in our Four Season series.  A light, fresh malt base is the backdrop for the fruity and floral aromas that rise from the glass.  The hop combination that features Ernest along with New Zealand Rakau give apricot, green tea and grapefruit characteristics. Rounded off with a light bitterness to finish, our Summer Pale is the perfect crisp and easy drinking sunny afternoon pint.   

Malts:  Extra pale, Wheat, Golden naked oats

Hops:  Challenger, Cascade, Rakau, Ernest

Unopened, these keep for up to 4 months. Once opened, if kept cool and sealed in between servings, they last for up to 10 days... if you don't drink it sooner of course!




Fantastic variety of beers served up by staff who love what they do.


Great beer and service. The shop is excellent to take some of the beer home. I recommend the Flapjack.



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