What is craft beer?

What is craft beer? Who makes it, and where do we find it? 

The difference between regular and craft beer

Let's begin by defining what ‘craft beer’ is. First, we need to compare it to ‘regular beer’.

Regular beer

Regular beer is most likely a well-known, corporate mainstream brand that enjoys mass exposure from advertising and sponsorship deals and can be found everywhere, pubs, bars, nightclubs, supermarkets and your local shop. 

It is a more familiar, safe and predictable beer, and some might say boring! You all know those brands!

Craft beer

But, with craft beer, or if you prefer, craft ale, you will find something a bit different, adventurous, experiential, artisan, and independent. 

Craft beer uses quality ingredients balanced to create the perfect combination. Read our blog about the ingredients used to make beer:


Craft beer will be made by a craft brewer using traditional and perfected processes to create an incredible beer.

Craft beer is a drink of beauty with unique and individual flavours to appeal to the more experimental (beer) palate.

Craft beer lovers will revel in trying a new ale, the thrill of trying a new craft beer, with fellow beer lovers is second to none.

It is also safe to say due to its more bespoke nature, all craft beers will be different!

Who makes craft beer?

Many craft ales are produced by small independent brewers, of which we are one!

Craft brewers are generally small microbreweries, are often local and set up in places such as a farm or even inside a garage. At Cellar Head, we create our beer in a barn on the Kent/East Sussex borders.

Small brewers will experiment with different combinations of the main ingredients to create unique flavours, aromas and strengths.

Craft by definition, is to produce with care, skill and ingenuity; therefore a craft brewer makes beer using their high level of skill and expertise.

Where can I find craft beer?

We have our own tap room, which you can visit to sample our craft beers and talk to the very people who know all about it, how it is made and what it is made from.

Visit your local pub, as many will stock local guest ales, such as Cellar Head often available on draft and made by a nearby independent brewery. Pubs in the countryside are especially great at hosting guest craft ales to sample.

You will find craft beers local to the area in local shops and delis.

Local beer festivals and fairs are also a brilliant way to try new craft ales.

Check out our events, the perfect opportunity to try our craft beers.

What is the best craft beer? 

This is simply down to personal preference. We all have different tastes, different likes and dislikes. 

So, the best and only way to decide what you like is to drink a lot of craft beer! 

What are you waiting for? Check out the craft beers we brew at our shop. Enjoy drinking your way steadily through them. Then, buy more and drink them. Buy. Drink. Repeat. But most importantly, enjoy the beautifully crafted delicious ale.

Then you can decide which is your favourite Cellar Head craft beer!