Elevate Your Festivals and Events with Cellar Head Brewery's Exceptional Beer and Ale

Planning festivals and events requires attention to detail, especially when selecting the perfect beverages to delight your guests. If you're seeking a supplier that combines passion, quality, and variety, look no further than Cellar Head Brewery in Wadhurst.

Renowned for our commitment to craftsmanship and innovative flavours, Cellar Head Brewery offers an exceptional range of beers and ales to elevate your event. 

In this blog, we will explore the reasons why we should be your top choice for supplying beer and ale for your festivals and events, highlighting the unique tastes and experiences they provide.

Unleashing the Art of Brewing

Cellar Head Brewery is a haven for beer enthusiasts, a place where the art of brewing is celebrated and embraced. With a focus on quality and innovation, our beers and ales have earned an excellent reputation. By choosing us as your supplier, you can access a world of flavours that captivate your attendees.

A Palette of Flavours

When it comes to offering a diverse selection of beers and ales, Cellar Head Brewery stands in a league of its own. Let's explore some of our standout beers:

Session Pale Ale

A perfect choice for those seeking a refreshing and approachable beer. The Session Pale Ale balances citrusy hop flavours with a light, crisp finish. 

Refreshing and uplifting, this straw-coloured fresh pale ale has tropical fruit and sweet floral aromas with the intense flavour of gooseberry and green grapes with a light honeyed sweetness leaving a crisp punch and a dry, clean finish. Delicious and awakening.  

India Pale Ale (IPA)

For hop lovers, we offer an IPA that packs a punch. 

An enormously gratifying and balanced pale ale. Four heavy charges of England’s finest hops accentuate very pale and light malt flavours. Marmalade flavours on toast follow the initial aromas of magnolia with the delicate sweetness of honey and pine.  A beer for all seasons makes it one of our most popular choices.

The IPA is an excellent choice for events where guests appreciate a beer with a strong hop character and a lingering taste.


Our Pilsner is awarded GOLD in the Regional (South East and London) and SILVER in the National SIBA Keg Beer Awards 2022. 

The best lager in London and the South East of England! 

A traditional pilsner with an English twist.  Brewed with Kent-grown Challenger and Golding hops which provide light floral and sweet honey notes leaving a fresh, crisp punch and a light bitterness.

The Pilsner is an excellent choice for events that call for a beer with Crispness and punch!

Embracing Craftsmanship

Cellar Head Brewery takes pride in our craft and ensures that every brew is a testament to the commitment to quality. 

By choosing us as your beer and ale supplier, you align your event with a brand known for its exceptional brewing techniques and attention to detail. 

This dedication is evident in every sip, making Cellar Head Brewery the perfect partner for those seeking an elevated beer-drinking experience.

Supporting Local

In addition to our remarkable flavours, Cellar Head Brewery also fosters a sense of community. By sourcing our ingredients locally and collaborating with neighbouring businesses, we contribute to the growth and vitality of the Wadhurst area. 

By choosing Cellar Head Brewery, you support local craftsmanship and sustainability, making your event a part of something bigger.

Cellar Head Brewery for events and festivals

We hope you agree that Cellar Head Brewery is a premier choice for supplying beer and ale for your festivals and events. 

With our commitment to craftsmanship, a diverse range of flavours, and a dedication to supporting local businesses, we provide a comprehensive experience that will elevate your event to new heights. By choosing Cellar Head Brewery, you ensure your guests are treated to exceptional beers and ales, creating memories that will last long after the event. So, whether you're hosting a lively festival or an intimate gathering, let Cellar Head Brewery be your trusted partner in delivering the finest beverages and a unique experience that will leave a lasting impression.